Propagating Succulent by Leaf Cuttings and Beheading

If you caught my previous post, you know of my unsightly echeveria. Well, today was the day to give it a fresh start by creating little babies from it! This is my first time attempting to propagate by beheading the top of the plant so I followed Needs + Leaves guide (it’s an amazing post!).

Completely taking apart a succulent is so daunting, but I thought, what do I have to lose? Here’s what I did:

The Cutting:

  1. Took away all of the middle and bottom leaves by gently wiggling them side to side - they come off very easily!
  2. Sliced the remaining rosette off with a clean, sharp knife/shears
  3. Sliced a bit more of the stem because it’s so lengthy

The Initial Wait:

  • After removing all the leaves and the remaining rosette, I laid them on top of a bed of soil 
  • Waited a few days for the ends of the leaves and stem to callous over - usually if the leaves are removed cleanly, they don’t take longer to dry out, the stem may take a bit longer as the “wound” is larger

The Maintenance

  • Once everything is dry I leave my cuttings by the window with indirect sun
  • I mist lightly the cuttings twice a day (morning and night) though I know you can do it less if you water more thoroughly. My studio is very dry so I mist more but that’s just what I do

I’ll be posting progress photos at major milestones of this growth journey as they happen. Thank you to everyone who left tips on my last post with advice!

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